Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is piercing the ears of your baby a good idea

A number of parents get their child’s ears pierced when they’re still babies in order to spare them the pain at a later date. But is it ever a good idea to get your baby’s ear pierced? In Western culture it is quite the norm for girls to have their ears pierced and it is more unusual to find a girl who doesn’t have their ears pierced rather than one that does.
I decided against having my daughter’s ears pierced as a baby for a number of reasons although I am not against ear piercing in general, I just had some reservations about doing it to a baby.

After all a baby cannot speak for itself and cannot tell you if it wants it done or not, after all body modification should be a choice and not something that is forced upon someone. Besides if they do not want their ears pierced when they get older but it has already been done, the holes do not always grow back.
Thankfully most professional body piercers will refuse to pierce the ears of babies, but on the flip side this means that the ones that are ok with it may not work by the same hygiene rules as their more moral counterparts.
This is why I decided against having my daughters ears pierced, my eldest daughter is nearing her tenth birthday and despite the fact that most of her friends have their ears pierced she has given no indication that she wants to follow suit. Although if she was to approach me one day with the desire to get her ears pierced then I think she is now of the correct age to have it done, as she is old enough to understand the process, what it entails and how to look after her piercings.

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